Successfully leasing your Dallas rental home means more than putting an ad in the paper and accepting the first person who comes along. To make a profit with your Dallas rental home, it's important you find the right tenant to lease to. Placing an ad in the local newspaper is not going to help you find the right tenant. This is precisely why you need to speak to the professionals at ONEprop. All of our team members are licensed realtors and are experts in the Dallas area real estate. They know exactly where to look to find the perfect tenant for your Dallas rental home!


The leasing services offered at ONEprop are designed to help you with every stage you face during the leasing process. You will find that there are a lot of issues you will face after you make the decision to lease your Dallas rental home. Let us help you identify these issues and explore all of the options available during this process to ensure you make the most profitable and wise decisions possible. Included in our leasing services are the following:


  • Internet Marketing: In the past few years, the retail industry has seen a significant shift in the way consumers shop. A lot of serious shoppers are now looking online for the best deals. This is especially true in the real estate industry. The marketing plan offered by ONEprop includes online ads. Our professionals know where prospective renters are going to look for their next Dallas rental home-online. So, we place ads on popular sites like yahoo,, Craig's List, and more.
  • Additional Marketing: While online ads will give your Dallas rental home more exposure, it won't necessarily find you the right tenant. Therefore, we also targets specific groups of people offline through direct marketing campaigns and various print ads to ensure the right tenant sees your rental home.
  • Help with Pricing: One of the biggest mistakes made by Dallas rental home owners is made when they put a price on their rental. Pricing your property right is critical if you want to turn a profit. You can't price it too low or you'll lose money, but you also can't price it too high or you'll lose even more money. Our professional realtors all know the metro area real estate market well and will help list your rental for the right price, saving you time and money!







ONEprop, Inc. is a Real Estate Brokerage licensed by the State of Texas, TREC license number 414305