Mr. Riska and Mr. Gillespie,
April 12, 2010


I am writing this letter to thank you and Prime Properties/ One Prop for all that you have done to work with my Family. We have been tenants of your company for almost 5 years. We began renting a home from you in Frisco TX, and we were very pleased with everything there. I must say it has been a wonderful experience to work with you. Once we had a pipe freeze and break leaving us with no water on a Friday afternoon. We made one call to your repair line and by Sunday morning we had water again. A very fast turn around when you consider all the work had to be done outside during an Ice storm. The workers were very kind and never complained about the situation they were working. I don't know if I could have had as positive of an outlook as they did, if it were me in their work boots!


Unfortunately, we needed more space and a change after three years. Frisco was just too big for us. We found a home in another of your properties in Little Elm, TX that was very similar to the country home we left. Although we still had a few months left on our contract in Frisco, you reached out to both property owners and helped make our move as smooth and as cost effective as possible. That was very kind and appreciated in this economy. We have needed a few repairs here and they have always been handled quickly and properly on the first visit. No follow ups were ever required. Our biggest surprise came as a check in the mail from your company. We had been out of the Frisco property and into the Little Elm property about 3 weeks. When we finished out in Frisco we still had about 12 days left on that property. The check was a reimbursement for 9 Days of the rental rate. You were able to lease that property knowing it was vacant. We would have never known and you could have kept the money. You didn't and that is a standard of ethics that is unheard of anymore.


My family and I are truly grateful to have spent the last five years with your company! Our son is graduating in June and we will be moving back to our own home shortly after.

I just felt the need to tell you what a great experience it has been working with you two and your company. We will gladly refer anyone in search of lease or rental property to you!


Thanks and God bless,


Jimmy, Brenda, and Justin H.


June 25, 2010

In 2002 when we bought our first rental property I was skeptical at best. However, David the property manager
spent the time providing insight into long term repairs and capital improvements. We made all the improvements
and the property leased out in 16 days. Since that first purchase we have added another 18 properties to our
portfolio and would not have done so without the highest confidence in ONEprop. Our vacancy rate total for
8 years has been less than 3%. We have 100% confidence in the leasing/ management team and strongly
recommend their professional services to anyone with a rental property.

Debbie E.

Wylie, TX

April 9, 2010

Mr. Gillespie-
I am writing to compliment James for his excellent handling of my property in Plano. I've been a client of Prime Properties, now ONEprop, for more than 15 years. James has given me the most outstanding service I've ever received from a property manager. Due to salary cuts and other economic difficulties, I've had a more challenging time than ever managing maintenance costs and repairs. James has been incredibly helpful and respectful to me while I've tried to manage this past year. I appreciate him getting special permission to take money from my account monthly for an especially large repair that I would normally be unable to handle. Property managers who are reliable, thorough and compassionate are a rare find. Please express my thanks to him as well as to your management for the great job he's doing for me.

All the best-
Nan T.

Washington, DC


June 17, 2010

Hello Kirk,

Thanks for taking the time to speak with me today regarding your review of my home in Lewisville for any signs of foundation issues. Your photos did a terrific job of documenting the home's condition. And it sounds like you did a very thorough walk through of the home and surrounding neighborhoods.

Thanks so much for all your hard work. I feel much better knowing you're on the job.

Can't wait for you guys to get to Houston!


Terri H.


June 3, 2010

Mr. Riska,
My roommates and I just finished our year lease at 1126 Axxxxx Dr, Lewisville, TX with Kirk Gillespie as our property manager. I've
noticed throughout the year that at the end of Kirk's emails was your email address to send comments about how he was doing. I wanted to commend Kirk on doing such a wonderful job for us throughout our year with him. He was always friendly, readily available, quick to reply and I knew that when I came to Kirk with questions or complaints, that he would provide me with some sort of answer. Whether I was calling in emergency house repairs after a tornado or irritated with a shoddy lawn work job, Kirk took everything in stride leaving me, and my roommates, feeling as if things were in the most capable of hands.

Overall, Kirk did an outstanding job and we thought you should know!

Have a great day.
Thanks so much,
Kasie T.







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